If you are one of those who travel regularly or invest in currencies, having a development that allows you to know the currency exchange that exists at all times is essential. One of the options that exist for Android terminals is xCurrency , which we tell you what it offers when you use it.

This work aims to know the value of almost all legal currencies, so we speak of an impressive database that allows you to review the value of the Yuan of China to the Dirham of the United Arab Emirates. The fact is that the data used is acquired from the Internet in real time, so the accuracy is really high and there will be no scares when reviewing the data whenever a connection is available.

One of the great successes offered by xCurrency is the interface that it includes. The first thing to know is that it is translated (with some failures in certain sections, but that it does not have special importance). In addition, it does not lack the usual Android side menu, which makes the use more intuitive. In the central area of ​​development there is a large section in which five currencies and their respective changes, which are the most important, – and, among them, is the native of the country in which one lives, which is the one taken as a reference. Therefore, quickly reviewing this information is simple. By the way, in the lower area you can always automatically see on the keyboard to enter change values, which is appreciated for not wasting time.

Obviously, it is possible to change the currencies seen on the main screen and in this way customize it in the way that the user needs. Thus, with the gesture of dragging to the right of the currency that you want to modify in xCurrency, you access a menu in which there is a list with all the currencies that can be used in the development – and that there are many -. Simply click on the chosen one and it will be changed. By the way, here you can see one of the good details offered by this work: it is also possible to select from a large number of crypto currencies, something that differentiates it from other similar developments for mobile devices.

Other options offered by the xCurrency application

If the gesture that is done is to the left, what is done is to access a screen where you can see a history of the value of the currency in question (with price data in the lower area of ​​its lowest point and, also, of the highest). It is possible to change the temporary fork, which can range from the last seven days to three years, so the information is quite valuable. Additionally, it is possible to enter Rate Source – this is an example of bad translation as we indicated before – and to see in a concrete way the current situation of the currency and, also, to choose different sources if these are available.

In what has to do with the operation of xCurrency, we have not found any fault in the use we have given them. Its stability is very large, and the speed with which it is updated is excellent (additional parameters can be set in the Settings, such as the number of decimals seen in the interface). In a matter of compatibility, in devices with quad- core processor and 2 GB of RAM, it already works smoothly.

Get xCurrency

Achieving this development is the simplest, since the download is done from the Galaxy Store and Play Store, so there is no complication in the installation process. In addition, there is a detail that is most interesting: getting xCurrency in both cases is completely free, so the attractiveness of this work increases. A good option for those who manage currencies on a regular basis.