We all know how important it is to be informed today. The truth is that we have it very easy thanks to our mobiles. When in the past, to know the daily news, we had to go to the kiosk to buy the newspaper, today we can do it with our mobile, without moving and immediately. Next, we will show you five widgets for Android with which you will be informed and you can read the latest news quickly.

We select the best apps on Google Play that have a pretty colorful and useful widgets to watch news easily. With them, we will be able to visualize news of all the themes, from political news, through sport, to fashion and technology.


With Feedly you can add to a list, blogs, websites and sources that release news on all topics. Simply, we must register with the app and add to our feed the blogs that we want to follow so that we get their news in the widget that we will place on our desktop.

If we want to read more in the news, we can click from the widget to take us to the app and we will also have several options within the app such as sharing, copying the link, etc.


The famous news manager for mobile platforms, has a widget that is worth trying. To use the app, we must register, and add the topics we want to follow (sports, science, medicine …). The widget will reflect the news we choose, and will show it to us on the desktop. We can click on the up and down arrows to change the news.

If we click on the news, it gives us the possibility to read the article completely and with other options.

Microsoft News

The Microsoft news manager turns out to be one of the most recommended on this list. The aesthetics of the widget and the app place it in a very good position compared to other widget in this list. It works very smoothly and the categories and elements are well organized.

We can register in the app or not, because it also allows you to use the app and widget. If we want to read the news, we can press and we will automatically enter the full article.


Squid is a very reputable news feed. The widget of this app allows us to view a story (if we do not have the widget displayed) and two news (if we display it on the desktop). We can influence the news by clicking on a news that interests us and we will read the full article.

If you are looking for an aesthetic widget to be aware of all the news, you should try Squid.

Simply News

Simply News focuses on offering international news. With simply, articles from the most reputable media from foreign countries appear with the BBC or the New York Times. To move from one post to another, we will add the widget to the desktop and just swipe to move through the news. When we want to visualize a complete news, we press and it will take us to the complete article.

To add a specific widget to our desktop and thus visualize the news in a better way, we must make a long press on any point of our desktop, press “widget” and drag the widget we want to place.