Surely on some occasion you thought it would be interesting to be able to save the APK (or manual installation file) of an application that you have installed, either by prevention or, even, to be able to share it. Well, this is just what Easy Apps Backup offers, of which we tell you everything that should be known.

This is the goal of the development is unique: intuitively and without complications save the APK of virtually all applications that are installed on an Android tablet or phone. And, the truth is that it meets this premise. But you cannot ask anything more to work, since it has no more features … so we are facing a somewhat simple job. By the way, to make use of Easy Apps Backup, it is not necessary to root or unprotect the device you have, something that some competing options do claim.

The application interface is not complicated, and consists of two sections that can be accessed by clicking on its name quickly: Installed and Archived. Again, all simple to use, and without any doubt. But, the truth is that it would not hurt to turn around the look of Easy Apps Backup, since it is not the most attractive we have found. Of course, the compatibility offered is practically 100% of current Android terminals, since with a two-core model that uses Android 4.0.3 it is possible to execute the development without the slightest problem.

By the way, while making a backup, two options are offered: to store the APK that has been extracted in the terminal or other address and, also, it is possible to share it directly using the Own options of the terminal you have. Thus, for example, it is possible to carry out this process with Gmail or Telegram, for example.

Using the Easy Apps Backup application

As we have said, there is nothing complicated in the extraction process. Once you select the application from which you want to get the APK, click on it and a context menu appears in which you see the possibilities offered by Easy Apps Backup. These are the following: Archive backup of the installation; Uninstall and finally, backup and uninstall. That is, everything necessary to respond to what a user may need. The execution of the action is automatic and it takes as large as the APK to generate.

Once the process is finished, the APK in question appears in the Archived section. If you want to download or install again, simply click on it and follow the steps of each of the options. Here, too, there is the possibility of sharing the APK, which once executed follow the usual steps of the Android terminal you have. One detail: when downloading, it is even possible to provide a web address via IP so that the process can be enhanced from a desktop computer.

And, this is what is possible with Easy Apps Backup. A work somewhat limited in its options but that, what it does, it is done with great solvency … and we have not found any fault with the different applications that we have made the corresponding APK.

Download Easy Apps Backup

If you want to get the application we have talked about, this is possible in the Samsung Galaxy Apps

stores and Google Play StoreIt costs absolutely nothing and, if you want to have an application or version of one that we have proven that offers everything you need, it is not a bad idea to use it.