One of the contents that are most shared with the mobile terminals are the videos , so getting some created with a quality finish that is why they are different is always an option that users are looking for. This is possible with developments such as VideoShowLite, of which we have what can be done with it.

One of the great virtues offered by the application we are talking about is that everything that is done with it is really simple. On the one hand it helps a lot that it is fully translated (with some small errors that do not matter) and, in addition, everything is quite clear when selecting options that appear when you enter the editing mode, since it remains the usual in Android: central part where the work is seen and in the lower part all the possibilities of changes. Of course, the home screen is somewhat complicated, since there are many things available and, therefore, you have to take a break so that you know exactly where everything is.

By the way, the free version of VideoShowLite includes a good amount of options that can be used when managing videos. Of course, many of these – the vast majority – have to be downloaded so it is interesting to spend time connected to a Wi-Fi network to get what interests. The processes are simple, but you have to perform them whether it is an animated GIF or a background of the many that exist in the database. An important detail: the database of sounds that are included and that are free is really excellent, so we are involved in patent problems.

In what has to do with the system requirements, in our tests we have verified that with a terminal with four cores and 2 GB of RAM the development operation is good, but the ideal is to use VideoShowLite with a device with a giga more than memory, since in this case the coding time and other actions are executed with a greater speed. The case is that it should be noted that in the works that we have generated the speed is quite high, without detecting problems when it comes to the player the recordings in other terminals or computers.

Additional options in VideoShowLite

An important detail – and that we liked a lot – is that in the development we are talking about an application is included to make recordings and photos at the moment. In this way it is achieved that the process is the most effective with VideoShowLite without having to use the one included in the terminal itself. There are interesting possibilities in this option, such as the PiP mode that allows two images to be combined simultaneously … and, in addition, the most striking stickers that can be used are included if a face is recognized when recording.

With many editing options, ranging from text inclusion; going through readjusting sizes; and possibilities to include voiceovers – and, even, add funds and effects with different themes – the truth is that VideoShowLite is a development that by the amount of possible it offers and the simplicity of use it allows. It is most recommended when it comes to getting videos that are even suitable for posting on YouTube.

Get the VideoShowLite application

If you want to see firsthand what is possible with this development, you can get it from the Galaxy Store and Play Store for free for the Android operating system. The truth is that for many options and simplicity of use, having VideoShowLite installed is a good idea if you want to get different videos and with a higher quality than those made with the camera of the mobile terminal.