Over time, mobile terminal users want to edit some of the images they have on their devices to make them more attractive. This is what Trippy Effects offers, a development that includes a lot of possibilities and that are executed with a solvency that is adequate.

This application is not intended to be the most powerful of all those for the Google operating system, but it allows you to  change the appearance, notably, if desired, of the photos you have. It is a reality that, in our opinion, is quite complete and even offers some possibilities by way of effects that it is not exactly usual to find in developments that have no cost. Yes, one of the attractions of Trippy Effects is that it costs absolutely nothing.

One of the virtues that Trippy Effects has is that it is quite simple to use, and this is so even though it is not translated (this is a problem, but not excessive since the icons of each section or option, in general, are clarifying ). The case is that it is not complex to learn how to use this work, since it maintains the standards that currently exist for Android: low tape with options ; central area for editing; buttons of suitable dimensions; But, yes, whites are not the predominant color, and in this case the ones used are gray changing with red. And it is not bad.

With regard to compatibility, the truth is that with terminals with 2 GB of RAM you can run Trippy Effects. But, the truth is that the actions in this case are not very fluid and there are some dead times that are not very positive. With terminals with three or more gigabytes, everything works like a charm, and if your phone or tablet integrates an eight-core processor, the experience is very good. Apart from that, we have not detected some stability problem and, therefore, we do not believe that a job is lost in a strut.

Use of Trippy Effects

As we have indicated simplicity is the predominant note and, therefore, simply by choosing on the main screen if you want to take a photo and edit it or open one already stored, it all starts. At that time you can see the image to be modified and in the lower area the actions that can be performed. Thus, it is possible from adding effects quickly more traditional modifiers. And, always, using the touch panel to execute processes. Here it must be said that the vertex system used in Trippy Effects is a success, since even in five-inch devices is how to make changes. Well executed, really.

And what is possible with Trippy Effects? Well, since modifying the ratio of the image; through using effects with gradients or 3D (some with acid sensation are really attractive) and, also, you can add texts. To emphasize that in the icon with one that in the low zone there is access to a menu with possibilities of the most striking: place pictures; create memes; include objects of different types in the image; and much more. This is really the strong point of Trippy Effects, and then it is possible to save the generated and even share it.

Get and install Trippy Effects for Android

One of the good details offered by this application is that its download is completely free in both Galaxy Apps and Play Store. Therefore, if you decide to try it you will not have any regrets in case you decide to remove it from your phone or tablet. The truth is that for options offered and usability, it is worth giving it a try despite not being at the level of professionals.