Tower defense games are the most fun that can be used with mobile terminals, as they fit perfectly with the use of the touch screen. An example is Toy Defense 2, a development that has its peculiarities and is quite fun for its graphics and many missions.

We are talking about a game that has a total of 290 levels that must be overcome without having the headquarters destroyed. In addition, there are varied game options, ranging from those that are made locally to those who need the Internet since you face other players (even, there are tournaments). Therefore, all the possibilities that can be searched are present in this game that offers great compatibility since 2 GB of RAM terminals work perfectly.

Like all games of its kind, Toy Defense 2 is very simple to use because apart from placing the troops or weapons that you have available (and that you can compare), there are few additional options that exist. It is only necessary to emphasize the pressing on some troop that is possible to ascend and that is more powerful and, even, to revive it in the case of being destroyed. The fact is that everything is quite simple, which is achieved because there is nothing unusual about other similar developments since the development is fully translated.

A good detail is that all the toy troops you lead can be assigned to generals that are available -and that can be acquired-, which makes them more effective and withstand more enemy attacks. In addition, the setting of World War II is well implemented, since there are troops of the powers that participated (which is possible to use with the passage of missions) and, in addition, the graphics are quite achieved without being especially existing.

In what has to do with the strategy to follow, the truth is that when the missions begin you have to be very exact in the place where the troops can be placed (always in spaces enabled for it), and that of another In this way, the enemies will overcome the shots and end up destroying the 100 life points that your headquarters have. By the way, be careful to blind the units that you put in each place, since this will prevent it from being effective on the sides where it has no line of sight (a good help is that on the roads an address dates appear so that you know where they are going the troops you have to eliminate).

Details of Toy Defense 2

One of the important ones is that there are certain options that can be used when optimizing the resources you have, since there are elements that have a positive impact for you that you can use whenever you have (they can be bought with the money you get at overcome a level and by eliminating enemies). An example is the freeze button that slows the progress of rival units and, also, another that causes bombs to explode around headquarters and can prevent you from being defeated.

With a good amount of different troops (the bar that displays them on the game screen should be easier to expand), the truth is that this game that offers a lot of hours of play is really recommended for adults and children. By the way, the existence of campaigns with each of the available armies is quite true.

Download the game Toy Defense 2

If you want to give this development a chance, you can get it at no cost in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store, with purchases available inside. Simple to use and not very demanding, the fun it has been for us makes it one of those titles that you will surely leave installed until you complete the large number of missions that it includes.