If you have traveled abroad these actions it is possible that at some point you need to navigate as if you were doing it from Spain and, even, you would not have cared to hide the steps you took when accessing the Internet. Well, this is just what you will get with the Hotspot Shield VPN application for Android devices.

This is a development that has two great virtues (which are not the only ones). The first is that it is very simple to use, so performing the usual processes to use a virtual private network (VPN) does not need any knowledge. Also, since Hotspot Shield VPN is a free job, the appeal of this application is very large and makes it a good choice.

The truth is that once it is installed, it surprises the few steps that have to be taken when using and taking advantage of Hotspot Shield VPN. Thus, simply by pressing the central Activate button, you start browsing anonymously. Therefore, it is possible to establish if you want to reveal the IP address from which you are browsing at any time – which makes it possible to select the specific region when opening certain pages, such as stores. This obviously has the great virtue of not giving any information about the actions that are carried out either with an application or with the browser itself.

As you can see everything is very simple, which is achieved because many of the steps are performed automatically, such as the server to access to perform safe browsing. This possibility, for some, is certainly not a great idea since they are the ones who want to perform this step and, therefore, among the advanced options of Hotspot Shield VPN, you can change this manually. Of course, being the free version, there are not many additional options, something that in the payment changes radically.

First of all, a lot of security when using Hotspot Shield VPN

This is something that is most interesting since, at the same time it is confirmed that the company does not store any data of the movements made by users (the ads are what makes money with the development), it is also informed that the information that is sent and received is encrypted so that a security “plus” is achieved when using the Internet. This, in our experience of use, has not meant that the use of applications or the Chrome browser is slowed down, since the one offered is quite acceptable – not the largest we have seen, but among the best.

Knowing the amount of data that is managed is very simple in Hotspot Shield VPN. In the central part you can see both downloaded and sent, so it is always possible to keep track of spending and secure information that has been used. With limits that can be established, the truth is that the utility offered by development increases for this reason. A pity that it is not possible in this version to change the unit of measure or make wider use of the information we have indicated. And how is this information accessed? Don’t go crazy, just click on the existing card in the Notification Bar. It is the fastest and most effective.

By making use of this work we have verified that its compatibility is excellent, since it is not very demanding with the hardware. In addition, sometimes there are also occasional falls with some operators in Spain – especially with Movistar – but they are “hiccups” passengers in most cases. The truth is that Hotspot Shield VPN is quite effective.

How to get Hotspot Shield VPN

The download of this development is simple since it is possible to obtain it both in the Samsung Galaxy Apps

 store and in the Apple Play Store. Without having to pay anything and taking up very little space , this Hotspot Shield VPN application is a good option, since it does its job reliably when traveling abroad – or you want to go unnoticed even in the country where you reside regularly- .