More and more developments are being launched that aim to meet a specific need of users. An example is Super Slow Motion S9, which allows you to add slow motion effect to videos that already have or those that are going to be recorded in a simple way and without danger of data loss.

The mobile terminals that allow recording in slow motion are enough, but they are not yet all that offer this possibility – or, failing that, the quality they allow to achieve is at least questionable -. With Super Slow Motion S9 you can make recordings on a regular basis and then add the desired effect by controlling even the speed with which the movements are seen. It does not sound bad at all, but this work does not offer any option to do more than what we have said, which on the other hand is not little.

Simplicity is the predominant note when using Super Slow Motion S9. The interface, simple and with buttons of good size, does not doubt what to do (yes, although the dependence of the language is almost negligible, this development is not translated). Anyway, in what it has to do with the appearance, a redesign would not be bad at all. Regarding the operation, we do not find problems even in terminals with four cores (provided they use Android 4.1 or higher), but the process times are reduced the more powerful the device is, as is logical to think.

Important to comment that Super Slow Motion S9 allows you to work with video stored locally and, also, with cloud storage services (such as Drive and even MEGA), so it offers very interesting flexibility. Besides, if necessary, direct access to the Camera application of each device is given, accessing it directly with the button called… Camera.

Using Super Slow Motion S9

There is not much complication, as long as you have compatible videos (the usual and most widespread formats can be used without any problems, such as AVIs). The case is that when you click on Gallery, you can see all the recordings that you have access to and simply click on the one chosen to start the process automatically. If you do not find what you are looking for, it is always possible to access the side menu to change to a space in the cloud where you have the data stored.

A screen appears below where you can select the speed of the slow motion that you want to apply – the larger the effect, the more wake will be seen in the resulting video. Pressing the Start button begins with the encoding that takes more or less depending on the file size and the power of the terminal. Finished everything, you can see the results and there are options such as being able to share everything on social networks or with installed applications (such as WhatsApp). Subsequently, it is possible to see what has been created in the My Video section of the main screen.

In our opinion, the videos that are created remain with a fairly correct quality, but not perfect as with the models that integrate slow motion recording by default (obviously, the quality of the terminal itself is important for this). But, as a simple and effective solution, it is worth using Super Slow Motion S9 – which also takes up little space in the mobile terminal.

How to get Super Slow Motion S9

If you want to get the Super Slow Motion S9 application, you simply have to access the corresponding link in Galaxy Apps

 or in the Play Store itselfIt has no cost and for how simple it is to use, it is worth giving it use to achieve an adequate effect on the recordings that you already have – or those you have planned to do with your Android smartphone.