If from time to time you like to have fun with an action game on your Android terminal, one of the options that surely fits with you is Street Fighter IV Champion Edition. This development brings all the aroma of this saga to devices with the Google operating system and, in addition, without losing an iota of fun. This is what we found.

There are no major changes in what has to do with the theme offered by the game, since everything is very simple and basic: you face different rivals successively taking advantage of the blows that your character offers (where there are no missing specials and, of course, the combos). For the enjoyment of the oldest of the place there is no shortage of characters that have been in the dagger from the beginning, such as Ryu, Guile or Chun-Li. Of course, all content is not available in the free version of the development, and to get it, the fastest is to get a pack that costs about four dollars.

Something that we liked a lot is how well the graphics are, which remind without a doubt those seen in the recreational a few years ago, and therefore give a retro touch that we think is quite attractive. By the way, this allows that in terminals that are not especially powerful, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition runs without any problem … which makes the development of which you speak that is a good option for children to enjoy in summer (since, yes it is true that there is some violence, this is not very explicit).

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is a game that does not need the Internet to enjoy its solo mode, but there is the possibility to enjoy with other players … so you have to buy the aforementioned pack. But, for starters, the work includes more than enough to test yourself and verify that the conversion to the Android operating system is excellent.

Easy operation in Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

The truth is that the buttons and joystick that are simulated on the touch screen of the phone in which you enjoy this game are enough to learn to play and, in addition, the simplicity of use is quite large (but it is true that taking a Learning time is not a bad idea.) In our case, in less than five minutes we were already controlling both the space strikes – if any – and the combos. Of course, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is compatible with Bluetooth controls, and the truth is that you earn a lot with its use.

The games run the same as in the recreational machines of years ago: if you beat the enemies you advance through a map in which you face the different characters. The difficulty increases gradually and, the truth is that when you reach four levels things get pretty ugly and here but there is a good management of the actions, you are the flesh of defeat. By the way, as in the originals, music and effects are quite poor, but this or practically nothing matters.

A development that is quite fun , has an excellent art (video entry is fantastic) and, sure, that those who are already a few years old can remember the good times they spent in recreational activities.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, direct download of this game

If this summer you think that the game we have talked about is a good option for you, you can get it at no cost in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store. Simple to use and with well-taken actions, this development is perfect for those who love fighting games in general and for fans of this particular saga.