The security is an essential element in the mobile terminals. This is because, due to the increase in its functionalities, it has more and more sensitive information inside (or it is managed). If you want to increase your phone or tablet, you can use the Private Zone application.

This development offers a wide compatibility since it is possible to use it in terminals with Android 4.0 or higher and, in addition, in input range models we have verified that it works without the slightest problem (and with great reliability, everything must be said).

The purpose of the application is to increase the protection offered by an Android device in daily use. Thus, for example, it is possible from answering phone numbers that are suspicious to hiding content from internal storage by using a security gateway. This, by the way, can be a password to use or, failing that, it is possible to use other possibilities such as a pattern. And this is achieved regardless of the knowledge you have, something that becomes one of the best details of Private Zone.

There are many sections in which it is possible to add security thanks to this work, which makes it necessary to grant many privileges to the development so that it can be used reliably. This may make users doubt (we have not detected any misuse). Therefore, we do not believe this is a serious problem, but it can be doubted. The case is that if these are not granted, the reliability of Private Zone drops significantly.

Use of Private Zone

The truth is that everything is quite simple, and this is possible thanks to a user interface that is clean, structured and also efficient. It is excellent, really. We really liked that almost all options are managed by using sliders. In addition, the information that exists of the work carried out by Private Zone can be quickly reviewed in the central area of ​​the screen, and an example is the number of suspicious phone numbers in the database that it has.

The execution of actions , such as a review of all the sections that Private Zone reviews (such as protected files; through Wi-Fi connectivity; and, of course, also the use of applications), is fast and without complications . In addition, it should be noted that reports of very visual results and lead directly to possible solutions if a problem is found – serious or not.

In what has to do with the impact on performance on the phone and tablet, this is not excessive since in different devices (from a Moto E to the Galaxy S9), we have verified that the games work exactly the same and, also, the use of the Camera application remains unchanged. A good job is done by the developer of Private Zone.

Download the Private Zone application

If you want to get this development, you can get it for free in both the Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play Store . A job that allows you to be more secure when using Android devices and also offers many configuration options. If you have some patience to learn all its possibilities, it is a very interesting application.