It is possible that on some occasion there is a need to record what is done with an Android phone or tablet to, for example, show a person known as an action or the achievements made with the games. An option to do this without complications is Original Screen Recorder.

This is a simple development that allows you to quickly and intuitively record what is done, and without having to resort to root (unprotect) the Android terminal in which it is used. Therefore, everything is really simple since you just have to execute the development and start the process. A good detail offered by Original Screen Recorder is that it also allows you to record the sound, such as keystrokes on the screen or the soundtrack of a game, and that the control can be performed using a card that appears in the notification bar of the phone or tablet.

In what has to do with the user interface, the truth is that there is nothing that is complicated, since all the action buttons are highlighted in orange so that they can be accessed easily. In addition, the central area of ​​the development is reserved to see the list of recordings or screenshots that have been made (yes, this is also possible) and in the lower area, there is a tape with the different sections of Original Screen Recorder. Nothing side menu, and it is a shame that is not present – also, that there are no gestures is something that is missing today.

Without compatibility problems, since we have verified that in terminals with 2 GB of RAM everything works perfectly, the operation is quite intuitive and when giving use in the background to the development, we have not appreciated any slowdown in the operation of the development, for what you will not get a worse experience of use with the games or when executing applications that are demanding, like the publishers. By the way, this option is not included in Original Screen Recorder, so you can only record, and this is important to keep in mind. This work has another positive detail: it does not take up much storage space, which makes it a valid option for terminals that are not very modern.

Usage options and other details of Original Screen Recorder

This development is not the one that offers the most adjustment options that we have tried to date, but for regular use it is more than enough to satisfy users. Thus, for example, it is possible to manage the recording quality, which can reach 1080p, or set some additional parameters in the sound – such as recording the environment or not – or choosing the place where the obtained videos are stored. That is, basic, but it is not that much more is needed if you are not a professional.

A good detail of Original Screen Recorder is that a floating button is included that allows you to access the recording options from anywhere, being fully manipulable and can be placed anywhere on the screen of the Android device. Useful, but it would be a good idea to hide more easily. By the way, as it could not be otherwise, the results obtained can be shared with great ease through the use of the application itself, which allows the video to be in the recipient’s possession in less than a minute.

Get Original Screen Recorder

If what we have said about this application convinces you, you can get it without paying anything in the Galaxy Store. Without compatibility problems and with a really simple use, this development is a good option to record what is done with a smartphone without complications and with a more than correct quality.