If you are looking for an application that allows you to record everything you do with your mobile terminal, both what you see on the screen and what it sounds like, there are several options available for the Android operating system. One of the ones that is possible to obtain without any cost is Original Screen Recorder, of which we tell you that it can be obtained when using it.

There are several reasons that may lead to wanting to record what is done with the smartphone, such as recording a game from one of the favorite games or simply recording a video with the steps – in the form of a tutorial – to explain to an acquaintance has to do it to perform a process on an Android terminal. The case is that this work allows you to do this quite simply (and, in addition, its effectiveness is not bad).

One of the first details that we liked about Original Screen Recorder is that it is translated , so its use is easier for this reason (in addition, use the touch screen of the phone or tablet to record what you see in the terminal panel is another point in favor). Another good option is that the compatibility of this development is wide, since in models with Android 5.0 or higher it is possible to use it efficiently and, this is so, even in dual-core devices and 1 GB of RAM.

In what has to do with the amount of options that can be managed in the application, the truth is that they are not the most numerous we have seen to date, but it is not missing any of the essentials. Thus, for example, it is possible from specifying the place where you want the resulting videos to be stored, to how you want the quick assistant included in the Notification Bar to work – which we have found to be most useful -. A detail that we found interesting: the development takes up very little space in the device (below 90 megabytes), so this is not exactly a problem.

Additional options offered by Original Screen Recorder

One of the most positive is that a floating tool appears in the form of a recording button that, when used, it is possible to perform actions directly with Original Screen Recorder. Thus, without going any further, starting a process is the simplest, and you do not need to have this application on screen to record what you get in the game that is running (when you stop recording, you get exactly the same result). Great functionality this.

The quality of the recordings, which is configurable, is another good news since here there are quite a few possibilities. By the way, that sometimes we have detected that, if a very high resolution is used, sometimes problems occur when using Original Screen Recorder. These can range from flickering in the resulting video as a tendency to green is very evident. If they do not exceed 720p this is something that has never happened to us.

With very few editing options, one of the ones that are present is being able to rename the video created with Original Screen Recorder. We also liked the way to present both the generated recordings and the screenshots that are achieved (yes, this is another of the possibilities of this development). It seems positive that the configuration possibilities, in terms of use – such as operating controls – are quite numerous.

How to get Original Screen Recorder

The Original Screen Recorder application can be downloaded from Galaxy Apps

, at no cost in both cases. A simple but efficient option when recording everything that is seen on the screen of an Android device (and, of course, the same is also done with the sound). A development to take into account if you are looking for a job that allows you to record what you do with a terminal with the Google operating system.