Apart from car games, those with motorcycle protagonists are a good option to enjoy racing on your Android device. An example is Moto Rider Death Racer, a work that we tell you what it offers and that has some interesting features.

This is a game that has three-dimensional graphics, but they are not especially existing in what has to do with hardware (obviously, this makes it not the most striking work in the representation of the images on the screen … but it complies). The case is that in devices with quad- core processor and 2 GB RAM we have verified that it works perfectly, so its compatibility is maximum. By the way, it does not take up much storage space, less than 30 MB, which is a good additional detail.

The objective in Moto Rider Death Racer is to travel the maximum distance possible, this being one of the important factors that are taken into account when a game is finished (something that happens when crashing with any of the elements that are on the screen, such as the cars or the security on the sides). By the way, that the money you earn in the race is used to buy new motorcycles, which are faster and are handled with greater reliability, and for this you have to eliminate others that appear … anyway.

The existing ways to achieve this has to do, and much, with the user interface. The turns are made using the terminal itself (since sensors such as the gyroscope are used), but hitting the sides or shooting – if you have bullets – is achieved with buttons on the sides of the touch screen, so you must Learn to use them at the right time. It is even possible to use nitro to increase the speed in order to go further. Having this in a gutter, you can enjoy Moto Rider Death Racer perfectly.

Play Moto Rider Death Racer

The truth is that it is not complex to use the game, but mastering it is not the simplest thing we have found in Android games. The physics is not particularly well implemented, and the initial bikes are quite “hard” to drive, which means that it is possible that at first the users feel somewhat frustrated by the short distance traveled and, also, by the little money that is achieved. There is staying a while.

An example of what we say is the use of weapons and aggressions, unless they are not used at the exact moment, the action fails and if the lack of response is not foreseen in that period of time, the motorcycle becomes Crashes irremediably. Of course, with some practice this is mastered without spatial problems.

Get Moto Rider Death Racer

If you like motorcycles and races with a different touch, they attract your attention for your Android terminal, you can download this game for free in Galaxy Apps. Simple to use and with everything necessary to be a causal development, Moto Rider Death Racer is a possibility that can become a good option to hang out.