It may be that on some occasion you are not very clear about a place to go if you have a day off or a weekend. If this is something that happens to you very often, turn to an application that advises you to find a good option, and among this type of development is Michelin Travel, which we comment on what it offers.

This work has a lot of options offered by one of its greatest attractions, as well as the use of the star scoring system that is already traditional in Michelin. The fact is that with this job finding a restaurant or site of interest is more than possible wherever you are … as long as you have an Internet connection, of course. By the way, that the use is the simplest but, the truth is that the user interface has seemed unclean and getting lost is sometimes something that happens. You need to be given a face lift to adapt to what is currently used on Android.

Fully translated, which is always appreciated, with Michelin Travel it is possible to search by location for the nearby sites that exist to discover something new or whose existence was unknown. If this is done, the application allows you to create the uta by car to get to the chosen place … But, for this, you leave the development and go to the Internet browser to visualize the necessary details- And, here, we find many virtues since the maps are wide and of quality, but sometimes the link to the point of interest does not work and, therefore, in the end you have to resort to giving manual use to the possibilities that we indicate.

By the way, what we really liked are the data that can be located from the places that exist in the Michelin Travel database. Apart from finding the specific place to go, there is a well-created and quite detailed explanation of what can be seen in it and, in addition, with scores that always give the option of creating a list – in which they are placed first the possibilities that best fit and then those with a smaller number of stars. In what has to do with the use of the location, the operation is perfect.

Other Michelin Travel options

Something that we found most useful is the possibility of creating notebooks. In these, different places that you want to visit and that are in the development database are stored. Thus, for example, if you plan to go on vacation and make three trips, you can create three of these options and, in each one, you should be clear about the route and what you will see (or where you will eat). True, we believe it is very positive.

It is even possible to save specific photos to publish the place you visit and in this way help the rest to know what they will find if they go (or leave them stored personally as a souvenir). By the way, there is a system of opinions that is most useful, since contrary to what we have found in other similar developments, in Michelin Travel what we have read corresponds to reality and we have found it very useful and no comments that are clearly biased are detected.

With a good system of filters in the searches, which are carried out in the top bar so there is no loss, we must say that this work has liked us and offers an alisma compatibility since in terminals with quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.0 everything works perfectly.

Download Michelin Travel

If you want to try this development as a complement when traveling, so you can always find a place to go when you travel, getting Michelin Travel is a good option. This application is free in both Galaxy Apps and Play Store, and we believe that it is a good complement for the wide options it offers and, also, for having a very recognized scoring system that is usually right.