It seems a lie but not all Android phones or tablets include an application to take notes. If you are looking for one that is quite complete and that offers some special elements, one of the possibilities you should try is Memory Helper, from which we show what it offers.

This is a development that, first and foremost, seeks to offer great simplicity when performing the work for which it was created. This is none other than being able to take quick notes and generate a list in which you remember very intuitively and visually what you have to remember. And, the truth is that it fulfills its function and quite effective way.

One of the virtues offered by Memory Helper is that the work is completely translated and quite right, everything must be said. This favors that everything is found in a simple way and that what has to be done in a very intuitive way is known. By the way, that the interface of this development also helps a lot to make everything as easy as possible since there are three elements that can be seen (apart from the central area where the notes already created are seen): a central button which allows you to add content: another to the right that gives access to the settings; and, finally, the recharge that makes it possible to see everything new that exists. That is, everything far from being complicated.

One of the good details is that the background of the application can be changed in color, so it fits the tastes of all users and, in addition, if you have a terminal with OLED type screen it is recommended that you select the black – to save battery life.

Memory Helper, effective and useful

One of the positive things about this application is that the use of gestures to manage notes is recognized. Thus, it is possible to drag to the side or down, performing actions in this way that are common as deleting a note or editing it. This means that in terminals with large screens, everything is quite simple when it comes to using Memory Helper – and, currently, the trend is that smartphones are like that.

Additionally, the development includes the possibility of seeing the notes that are pending on the lock screen – and are manipulable – or, failing that, each time it is removed from the Android phone. In this way, you always keep in mind the things that are pending. By the way, apart from the color, it is also possible to manage the size of the fonts in Memory Helper, which is positive.

Get the Memory Helper app

If you think this development will make you not forget the things you have to do, you can get it for free at both the Galaxy Store and in Play Store . Simple to use and with a space it occupies that is not very high, the truth is that this is a job that does not hurt to have it installed.