The memory is a vital terminals with Android operating system section and therefore offering a good deal is important. But it is even more so that the management of which it is integrated is adequate, either the RAM or the internal storage itself. Therefore, it is advisable to use an application that optimizes its use such as Memory Cache Cleaner for Android.

This development, which can be downloaded for free (and this increases its attractiveness), allows users to maintain some control of what happens with the memory of their Android. And, in the event that things do not go especially well, take measures to solve what happens. All this  without falling into complications offered by some developments that are the competence of Memory Cache Cleaner for Android – and that, by allowing more advanced management, need rooted or unprotected terminals, something that this title does not demand.

The case is that with this development I could know in real time what is the use of the memory of your phone or tablet , and this quite visually since the data is provided with pie charts that show the percentage of consumption in that moment. In addition, it is also possible to access some important details of the device in which Memory Cache Cleaner for Android is used, such as processor features; the version of the operating system that is used; and, additionally, the integrated sensors. Therefore, the background work is a good database of information.

In what has to do with the interface, the one used is quite simple to understand since you simply have to click on the section to be executed and, to jump from one to another, it is best to use the icon called hamburger (areas horizontal lines) than at the top of the screen. By the way, that Memory Cache Cleaner for Android is translated, which helps a lot to understand the information shown. The compatibility of the development is very high, since in a model that has a dual-core processor and only one giga of RAM, we have proven that it works like a charm.

Actions with Memory Cache Cleaner for Android

They are not many, since as we have said with this development it is not sought to complicate the life of the user, but quite the opposite. Thus, to free up the maximum RAM that is being used without jeopardizing the operation of the operating system, simply press the button on the main screen located at the bottom called Quick Boost. The management is automatically carried out and, in a matter of seconds, a warning is received on the panel showing the amount released. The case is that we have proven that it is quite effective and improves the performance of the phone and tablet with Memory Cache Cleaner for Android.

It is also possible to see the applications that are running in the background, and if it is clear that it is not necessary to keep it active, you can select and then press the button Kill selection in the section called Task Killer. This, the truth is that it is also effective but you have to be careful. The case is that as it looks with Memory Cache Cleaner for Android there are options of all kinds, but always with a very simple use and without any danger.

The other two sections that are in the development in the lower part of the initial screen are System Information , which allows to know precise details of what is included in the phone or tablet; and, the other, is called Memory Information, which does the same but, specifically, of this component of the devices.

Download Memory Cache Cleaner for Android

It is possible to get an application at no cost from the Samsung Galaxy Apps

 stores and Google Play Store. A development that the truth is that it is suitable for those who want to have a control of the memory of their mobile device, but without falling into great complications. In addition, it occupies very little space and its compatibility is very high.