Some games in which management is key, are quite complex when it comes to reaching the highest levels. This is something that does not happen with Megapolis, a development that aims to build a city in which it is a pleasure to live and that, in addition, is prosperous enough to give benefits and continue investing in it.

The work we are talking about is a direct heir of the SimCity game saga, which was launched for years with a similar goal. Of course, there are many more options available that add complexity and, also, hours of fun (and, this is something that Megapolis does not lack precisely). The case is that the game is not complicated to use, something that includes the integrated assistant positively.

The user interface is a view of the city that is being created, in which new options can be placed (such as houses, industries and other constrictions such as supermarkets or restaurants). The place and orientation in which the new elements are deposited should be well measured, as this influences the expansion of the city in the future; and, additionally, that communication with roads is always present is essential since otherwise, the addition is completely unusable. It is also important to consider raw materials of the place in the world where your city is, since this will make the choice to invest one or the other – so, for example, if you have wood you must emphasize collecting and getting “recipes” that allow you to transform it into goods that generate income-.

By the way, an important detail is that you take into account the dimensions of the land you have, which is limited – well it is true that, over time, it is possible to expand this through purchases. If this is not the case, you can have more than one problem of not having space to build more homes, which are a key element, or services (which, in short, is what attracts the inhabitants). The fact is that everything influences to achieve the success you want to obtain … and it is not enough to build happily.

Issues to value in Megapolis

It is important to indicate that the game is technically solvent, with graphics that are good (more defined than can be weighed) and that allow you to quickly distinguish each of the elements of the map. In addition, we have verified that in 2GB Megapolis terminals it works without problems, but we recommend the use of a couple of gigabytes so that everything is as fluid as it should. By the way, the purchasing management system is the easiest to use, since everything is based on windows that appear where choices are made using the touch screen.

It is important to indicate that in order to perform certain actions to obtain benefits, such as in housing or signing contracts for the city, it is necessary to be aware of the game – since they are not executed automatically. This is not a problem and, in addition, it does not reduce the playability of Megapolis. The case is that completely and quantity of options available (it is even possible to compare the city you create with those of other users), this development is a good possibility that should be taken into account if management is something you love.

Get the game for Android Megapolis

If everything we have indicated about this game catches your attention, you can get it for free in both the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store . With a lot of options and a lot of hours of play, the truth is that this development is a good option for those who like developments in which management is key.