Mobile terminals with Android are increasingly used to perform more tasks, and one that can be done with a fairly acceptable quality to create music (with certain limitations and, always, without the experience of using an instrument properly said). The iLectric Piano application offers you this possibility in a fairly simple and efficient way.

This development simulates the use of electric pianos with which it is possible to play and create all kinds of music with the screen of the Android phone and tablets (we advise the use of these latest devices, since the dimensions of its screen allow to see more elements, what which in iLectric Piano is important). The user interface shows something that has been clear to us that the developer has sought: no complications, since the interface is simple to understand and the keys differ without problems in the lower area of ​​the screen (a pity that is not translated the application, which would have helped a lot).

As soon as you execute the development, you can start playing by pressing the key chosen using the touch screen , and to change the electric piano to use you have to choose the desired one in the upper area. They exist from very current models to great classics (where electric grand pianos and clavinet are not lacking). But, to be able to use them, you have to make an additional expense since by default in iLectric Piano in its free version only one item arrives, so if you want to get the available collections you have to access online purchases.

Something we liked about iLectric Piano is that it is compatible with the use of MIDI controls that are compatible with devices that use the Android operating system. An example is iRig KEYS and iRig KEYS PRO, something for which you need compatibility with USB type OTG, the case is simply you can use these accessories and record what is created, since the development offers this possibility natively.

Options to know about iLectric Piano

The application is not the one that offers more options than we have seen for Android terminals, but it is true that it is included enough to be a good solution for those who have one of their hobbies in musical creation. An example of the additions that iLectric Piano offers is the inclusion of several recorded tracks that allow us to know what the chosen sound is and what has been configured, which is a good detail since this way you can be sure that everything is as it is you want – and, in addition, you can also know the extension of the keyboard of the chosen electric piano.

To establish in a precise way the sound that you want to use when creating music with iLectric Piano, there is a section (which is accessed by clicking on an icon with a selection wheel signature in the upper area) where it is possible to set different parameters. They are as follows: EQ level; reverberation; overdrive; and the option of 5 modulation effects -chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo and auto pan-. Therefore, the customization possibilities are quite wide and the adjustment wheels are very precise and useful.

Direct download of the iLectric Piano application

It is possible to get the iLectric Piano application in both Galaxy Apps and Play Store for free and with a really simple installation process. A development that is interesting for those who like to create music and want to take advantage of Android phones and tablets for it. Of course, to get the most out of it, you have to invest in new development options that come at no cost.