If you like car games, you may be looking for a title that is not the usual one in which you have to drive to win races (this being the only objective). There are jobs that offer exactly this, such as Hot Wheels Race off of which we show what it proposes to be fun.

This development is the protagonist of the cars that exist in toy stores and that can be used on tracks that are very striking since they are full of jumps and actions in which gravity is put into play. And, this is just what is brought to the screen of phones and tablets in Hot Wheels Race off. Therefore, more than the ability at the wheel, what you have to achieve is to shoot at the right time, with the right speed and, of course, to control the take-offs and falls. If you like these types of challenges, you have to try this development.

One of the good details of this game is that the vast majority of cars that are part of Hot Wheels are represented, each with its special and unique features that improve every time a new one is bought (yes, this is something that favors that collecting is present in the title we are talking about). In addition, the tracks are recognizable by elements that include what allows everything that has to do with the toy cars we are talking about to be carried out quite correctly. By the way, that the graphics are in three dimensions based on Unity, so they are not exempt from quality … and this makes it ideal to have a terminal with, students, 3 GB of RAM.

In what has to do with the handling of Hot Wheels Race off, it must be said that everything is quite simple, since they simply include the buttons that act as accelerator and brake – and, in addition, two more on the left side that make it possible to move the nose of the car up or down, which allows adapting the fall to the needs that are available so that the speed is adequate. It is true that in the beginning it can be somewhat complex to understand well what has to be done to overcome obstacles, but the truth is that with a little patience this is overcome without problems.

A detail that is important to know about this work is that to use it normally it is not necessary to have an Internet connection, but with the passing of the levels (there are different types, some with large jumps and others where the speed at existing looping’s the speed is key) you access a multiplayer mode in which this changes. If you want to face other users, then you will have to access the Network.

Hot Wheels Race off keys

With what we have indicated before, it is clear that this game does not seek complications in handling, since it is simply a matter of precision when it comes to fitting jumps and falls – without forgetting speed. Thus, in some occasions it is even advisable to stop and go backwards to be able to control the next obstacle properly. By the way, the movements are very striking, we say those that are made in the air, but they are not recommended since they are usually synonymous with an accident … something that is nothing spectacular and should be more spectacular.

The ads are very present in the game, and it should be said excessively. The money that is won in each level that can be won or competition that is best won is to save it. It should also be noted that when a car is completely improved, you have access to the second of the database that exceeds the thirty available models. Something that we have liked is the large number of existing tracks, which means that there are surprises on a regular basis.

In short, a different car game that fits perfectly to be a good casual option and even for the little ones in the house to use it on their mobile phone. And, yes, we repeat that it is advisable not to despair at the beginning since you have to know the exact point at which the speed and physics act which is an essential part of Hot Wheels Race off.

Download Hot Wheels Race off game for Android

If you are interested in trying this game, you can get it without paying anything in both the Galaxy Store and the official one offered by Google for Android, called Play Store. Fun to play and with a good amount of options, it is worth giving it a try if the driving titles are the ones you like.