We are already very close to Halloween and if you are one of those who celebrate this party, very funny by the way, you may already be preparing everything you need to have a great time. One of the things that should not be missing is an environment that is as gloomy as possible, something you will get with Halloween Soundboard.

This is a development that does not go through the branches when it comes to providing the service for which it is created. This is not other than providing playlists that allow them to be used in Halloween parties in a simple way – and, in this way, that you can forget for a good time of looking for songs so that your party is perfectly set. And, the truth is that it complies perfectly (but without great boasting, everything must be said).

One of the reasons why Halloween Soundboard does not stand out is its user interface. It is true that it fulfills its function and everything is quite intuitive, since with a couple of presses it is possible to start with the reproduction, but it is no less true that the aspect should be something more striking.

By the way, a good detail is that it is possible to share some of the contents by using the usual option offered by Android in your applications, but not a specific track since what is sent is a link to access the application. And the reason for this is that the contents of Halloween Soundboard are in the cloud in some cases, so if the connection is not good you can have some “problem” when the data stored in memory intermediate (buffer) are not necessary.

Use Halloween Soundboard

Well, everything is very intuitive and there is nothing to doubt: click on some of the lists that exist, which are seen in very large images on the main screen, and then a playback window opens. In this you can see both the list of the tracks that compose it and a small player in the lower area that offers the usual controls of music on mobile devices. There is, of course, the possibility of establishing a random order or repeating the same song. That is to say, nothing complicated and all very intuitive so that you do not stop time when celebrating Halloween.

A couple of details to improve in Halloween Soundboard are the following: there are not a lot of lists, there are only five (yes all of them with more than 10 songs available); and, in addition, in the Notification Bar there is a card that lets you know what is playing, but that does not include playback controls, so you always have to enter the application to achieve this.

Get the Halloween Soundboard app

If you have in mind to celebrate a party on Halloween, this development is an option that you should not fail to try because it offers the possibility of running playlists that are perfect for the gloomy environment they allow to achieve. The download is done at no cost in Galaxy Apps, so there is no excuse not to take advantage of Halloween Soundboard.