There are many strategy games and it is logical, since they fit perfectly with mobile terminals with Android operating system. An example of what we say is King of Dead , a development in which you have to manage a dark kingdom and, at the same time, fight with different enemies both with the troops you have and with the heroes you have managed to hire.

The development puts the player in the position of being the King of the Dead, and not only in front of the enemies that are in the work itself, since there is a multiplayer option in King of Dead that is perfectly implemented and that allows him to be considered even an MMO for the wide options it offers. By the way, it is very important to know that this application is not translated, and in some moments this could be a handicap since in different sections the texts are quite numerous – it is not very demanding in the vocabulary, but this is necessary to know).

In what has to do with the requirements of the Android terminal to be able to run King of Dead, we have verified that in the mid-range model it works without the slightest problem, but in those with quad-core processor there is a reduction of fluidity since The workload is high in some cases (yes, no problem raising the temperature of phones and tablets). In what has to do with the interface, everything is where it is usual with actions that are executed using the touch screen.

King of Dead: three games in one

The basis of this development is the management strategy, since it controls a kingdom that has to evolve creating buildings, places of production and access to different planes to go to make conquests. That is, in this case King of Dead is a game without great news and offers a lot of options that can even overwhelm at first. This is solved with a useful and complete assistant that allows you to take the first steps when you don’t have access to multiplayer mode yet.

As usual in this type of development, the key is to generate enough resources to go advanced and to be able to create more powerful troops and more powerful magic. For this it is essential to expand the possessions that you have, something that should always be done when you have the possibility. By the way, it is essential to have a good amount of available heroes and that these are well equipped and as complete as possible.

The other two games within King of Dead are the following: general fighting in which troops are sent that automatically perform their work (an example is invasions). And, last, is that putting the heroes in liza to follow a story in which you must defeat powerful enemies and get very wide rewards. And, this does make it different from the development we are talking about and gives it a special touch that makes it worth trying.

A couple of details to consider in King of Dead

One of the most important is to indicate that King of Dead is a game that needs time to advance and also has purchases inside. The Internet connection is necessary because when accessing the multiplayer mode it is essential to be in contact with the allies (it is possible to communicate with them even with voice messages) and, interestingly, there is both the option of confronting other players or collaborating to create the best possible clan.

But not everything is good in this work, since the game sometimes becomes somewhat repetitive, something that is the case when progress is made in the levels and until we jump to another “box” in King of Dead the actions to perform are very similar and, therefore, puts the patience of the user in check.

Get King of Dead without paying anything

If the sum of everything we have indicated convinces you, you can get this development in the Galaxy Store at no cost, which is another incentive to try it. With a lot of options and possibilities, and without forgetting how well implemented the multiplayer is, giving King of Dead a chance this summer is not a bad idea.