If you do not have any games on your Android terminal with which to have fun in short periods of time, we are going to propose one that we have found quite curious and that may even surprise you for what you end up hooking. We refer to Faily Brakes , where you get behind the wheel of a car without brakes. Yes, how it sounds.

This is a simple development that does not have the objective that you generate a character that you must evolve or make your empire be the largest and most powerful in the world. Faily Brakes is a causal game that allows downtime, such as when waiting for the bus or entering the doctor, to be as entertaining as possible. And, in addition, this is achieved without being very demanding on the hardware and without having to pay a penny of euro. Therefore, giving it a try is not a bad idea.

The idea is very simple: you walk through the mountain with your jeep and, just when you start down a very steep ramp, you discover that your brakes don’t work. And, here, is where your action begins. Therefore, the objective is clear: to go as far as possible down the hillside without crashing … something that will inevitably end up happening. And, for that, you only have two actions, such as turning right or left. No more

Of course, you can find help in the form of “prizes” that are on the way. These range from protections that prevent the first blow from being final and, even, elements that reduce the speed with which Faily Brakes leaves – which allows to be more precise when dodging stones, trees and even fallen logs- . That is, a full-fledged runner, but in this case with a car and without the possibility of braking, which makes it very intense.

Additional details of Faily Brakes

The first is to indicate that the graphics, although they are in three dimensions, are not at all demanding … nor of a quality that attracts attention. Perhaps the animations (especially when crashing) is the only thing that stands out in the technical section. The sound, very simple and nothing remarkable. The fact is that all this allows Faily Brakes to be used in all types of Android terminals, even in the least powerful of children – a clear target audience.

When it comes to learning, it doesn’t take five minutes to know exactly how Faily Brakes’ car has to be driven. Of course, the control is not exactly simple and, in the beginning, sure that you crash constantly. Our recommendation is that you do your best not to make sharp turns, since in this case the vehicle quickly becomes uncontrollable (and, moreover, watch out for jumps that are more dangerous than they seem).

A final detail: the most difficult elements to get around are the roads and the train tracks, since you have to measure the cadence with which other cars pass in the first case. And, on the second difficulty, you have to find the ramp to jump the cars, because if this is not achieved you are irretrievably lost.

Download Faily Brakes

Downloading this game is completely free in both Galaxy Apps

 and Play Store. With little demand for hardware and a fun that is not bad, Faily Brakes is an option that can make you spend good times and, other, fits perfectly with all types of ages. Of course, there are better possibilities in the market.