If you like motorcycles, and especially those that are designed to go through the countryside, the game Dirt Xtreme is an option that you should keep in mind now that Christmas holidays are close. This work is based on contesting races for all kinds of places and in which, obviously, you have to win to get the maximum possible prizes.

Interestingly, in Dirt Xtreme the view you have is not rear as is usually the case with car games, but on a side diagonal that allows you to know what comes on the track where the race is played. And this option is a success since in this game you do not have to control the direction and speed … what you must manage are the jumps that are executed by the different obstacles that appear and that can be typical of the terrain or some are created by man (as posts that are broken).

This allows the interface to be the easiest to understand and use: there are two buttons that make the motorcycle in Dirt Xtreme turn towards the front or the third, so that the weight is well distributed in the fall. Therefore, everything is well structured, since even the own button for the use of «Nitro» is in a very accessible place. Anyway, if the use of the touch screen is not what fits your way of playing, in the development it is possible to establish other options, such as the use of the integrated gyroscope.

A good detail that we liked very much in Dirt Xtreme is that physics is well represented, since depending on the ground on which the falls are run, they are managed in one way or another. Thus, for example, it is not the same to impact with soft mud than to do it in a place where the hardness is maximum. This requires some learning, but it is minimal and therefore it is understandable that there is no tutorial to learn to compete in the races (the opposite occurs with the management of everything that has to do with the motorcycle – such as the improvement of parts or the purchase of new models-, since here there are many options and therefore it is logical that there is a succession of tips so you do not fail to add more colors to your suit or when you buy «Nitro»).

In what has to do with the technical section, it must be said that Dirt Xtreme is solvent. The graphics are in three dimensions and do not clash. They are not specially elaborated, which has as a positive detail that the compatibility with the terminals is very wide (with having a quad-core model and 2 GB the game works). The fact is that there are some effects that are attractive, but others are somewhat poor – such as crashing with the motorcycle. The sound, in our opinion, passes without sorrow or glory, everything must be said.

Games with Dirt Xtreme

One of the most important things to know is that this game is designed to face other users online, always at the same level, in races of four that are happening in different places and, therefore, terrains. There are no clashes between the participants and you simply have to be more effective than the rest when applying the jumps that are made and by using the « Nitro», an element that ends up being differentiating with the passing of the levels. By the way, falling or colliding with something, in general, is synonymous with losing … so you have to be careful with this.

The games are fast, at most in a few minutes you will have finished the race, so accuracy and attention are key. Once the race is finished, rewards are received that allow you to buy items to improve the bike to free parts. Therefore, a certain evolutionary degree exists in Dirt Xtreme. By the way, it is difficult to get the engine improvement plans, so take care of these as gold cloth. In what has to do with the game modes, there are not many variables since there are few additional competitions to which we have explained.

Get the Dirt Xtreme game

With everything we have said, this game seems interesting to you, you should know that downloading it from both the Galaxy Apps store and the Play Store is completely free, which increases its appeal. A development that is quite fun and that has good details when competing with other online players and, also, with the usual elements of evolution that are increasingly common in games like Dirt Xtreme. This development is also a good option for the little ones, but you have to have the need to be connected to the Internet.