If you are one of those who like to walk or, simply, you spend a lot of time in public transport and reading is not something that fits too much with you, you are one of those who must try to use the audiobooks. And if you want to do it with your Android terminal, the Audioteka application is one of those that you must take into account.

Audiobooks are narrated recordings in which the text of books is read, so you can take advantage of dead time to do this instead of listening to music. Thus, without having to take a novel from one place to another, you can learn about the adventures of Captain Alatriste – for example. And mobile terminals are an excellent platform to achieve this by using developments such as Audioteka.

The development has many virtues, such as having really low hardware requirements. With models with four-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, it works perfectly and we have not detected any “lag”. In what has to do with the user interface, the structure is very recognizable since it exists from a usual side menu in Android developments, and the buttons and options that are used with the touch screen, are well located. Therefore, good work has been done here with Audioteka.

The presentation of the contents is adequate, with large texts and without having anything strange to download content or find a specific one (here the existence of a search engine or the Categories section is appreciated). By the way, another good detail: Audioteka is completely translated. Something we consider important is that the Audioteka narrators are very good, with clean voices and adequate tones to not tire, which is a complete success in a development as we are talking about.

Use of Audioteka, all perfect

We have not found any problem in stability when it comes to using this development, so we can say that its operation is perfect. Once the content is downloaded, which is stored in the section called My Library, click on it and start with the audio playback using the development itself. Therefore, no difficulty is what you will find when using Audioteka. By the way, if an audiobook is stopped, it is followed at the same point where you left it, which is positive and useful.

Note that in the Notification Bar you can control the playback as a card appears, such as Spotify’s own. This makes handling easier. In addition, the database offered by Audioteka is large, with a good amount of creations in several languages ​​in which Spanish is not lacking. Perhaps, some free title more than the existing ones would be appreciated so that users will check the reliability and usability of this work, which we believe is of very good quality and is recommended.

How to get Audioteka

With all the options we have discussed, you may want to try this development. You can get it for free in both Galaxy Apps and Play Store. In both cases the installation is very simple and, the truth is that its quality makes it advisable to at least check what this development offers.