It is possible that the operation of your Android phone or tablet is all the good that it should and that, therefore, you believe that some of its hardware elements does not perform its work as it should. There are applications to know this in a simple way, such as Android Repair & Tester.

This is a development that allows you to know if there is any component that is not working as it should. Obviously or talk about a professional job, but a good “touchstone” that more than one will resolve any questions you may have regarding your device. Therefore, Android Repair & Tester is an application that is recommended to have located in the event that there is something that does not work as it should or if you have a friend or family member who does not know very well what is happening on your device.

One of the virtues that Android Repair & Tester has is that its use is as simple as the colors of the buttons  – red and green – make the utility of each one of them very clear (as well as the test result) of a component, which uses the same color system). Of course, development is not translated , which can be a handicap for some as we talk about a job that has an important idea to know exactly what has to be done in each test.

In what has to do with the execution of Android Repair & Tester, in our test we have used it in device with old operating system, like the version 4.0.1 of Google’s work , as well as in the most modern ones with Oreo. In all cases, the operation is optimal, so as a tool it can be said that it performs its task in practically 100% of the equipment on the market, which is a success. In addition, it occupies less than 20 MB on the smartphone or tablet, which we also believe is good news.

Use of Android Repair & Tester

The truth is that there is no complication whatsoever, since once Android Repair & Tester is running, we recommend that you press the purple button at the top of the screen called Run All Test. In this way, the development performs all the checks one after another in which, yes, the presence of the user is needed to confirm the results.

The tests carried out range from the proper functioning of the Wi-Fi adapter, through the sensitivity of the touch screen, and even if the physical volume or power buttons perform correctly. The case is that there are more than ten tests performed with Android Repair & Tester.

In each of the tests, a message is offered indicating whether everything is going well or, if not, if a fault is found (in this case, if possible, you can read a tip to solve what happens … and, here, is where the big problem is the lack of translation of Android Repair & Test). The case is that this tool has shown us that it is useful to detect simple problems that are sure that more than one will solve doubts that you have regarding the good condition of your phone or tablet.

Download Android Repair & Tester on your device

If you want to know the operation of your Android device, with this development you will get it easily. You can download it from the Galaxy Apps store for free, and for ease and usability it is a possibility that may be appropriate in a timely manner.