Today we show you a keyboard which allows us, depending on the app we use, the keyboard will be one color or another. According to the characteristic color of the app where we are, one color or another is placed. We already know how important it is to have a good keyboard. This one that we will show you is, and it is also quite colorful. We show you how it is.

Android keyboards there are many, many that we could use one for each day of the month. There are many yes, but as cool as we bring you today, we doubt it.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is a very light, simple and functional keyboard that allows our keyboard to change color depending on the color range of the app we are using. It has been in the Play Store for several years and it turns out to be one of the most recommended in Android

Chrooma Keyboard is a fast keyboard that changes color according to the app being used. This keyboard has an artificial intelligence that helps predictive writing, which also gives us facilities and extras such as emoji’s or gestural writing. This keyboard also adapts to your style thanks to its high level of customization (themes, fonts, emoji styles, and keyboard size). We can add GIF too.

Download Chrooma Keyboard and how to use it

We must download the app from the Play Store. Once downloaded, we start the application, and we must allow all the notices that it interposes. Later we will get the option to choose if we want the keyboard in Spanish or English. We press Spanish and leave. If we go to any app and still do not change the color we must set Chrooma Keyboard as default from the settings of our device.

Once we have it as default and it is activated, we can start enjoying a great experience on the keyboard, which, in addition to being configurable, works perfectly and changes color with all the apps in the 

For example, if we are in Chrome, the keyboard appears in blue. If we are on Netflix, it appears white with red details. If we are in WhatsApp, the same green of the app appears. In Play Movies, it comes out red, and so on.

If you want, you can try this keyboard, we leave you the link to download it below. It is one of the best keyboards with GBoard and SwiftKey.